Chocolate Capri 5 oz log

Wow! If the notion of a semi-sweet chocolate goat cheese appeals to you, you will positively fall in love with this entry. However, we know that the very idea of chocolate goat cheese is disconcerting to some and we understand. (We also know that the more times we repeat the phrase "chocolate goat cheese" the more likely this site will be picked up by a major search engine.) But in any case be forewarned: these 5-ounce logs are addictive. See recipe for Chocolate Goat Cheese Canapés.

Nutrition Facts  
Serving Size 1 oz
Servings Per Container 5
Amount Per Serving  
Calories 110
Calories from Fat 70
  Percent Daily Value (% DV)
Total Fat (g) 8 (g) 12%
   Saturated Fat (g) 5(g) 25%
   Trans Fat (g) 0(g) %
Cholesterol (mg) 15(mg) 5%
Sodium (mg) 110(mg) 5%
Total Carbohydrate (g) 7(g) 2%
   Dietary Fiber (g) 1(g) 4%
   Sugars (g) 4(g)
Protein (g) 4(g)
Virtamin A (IU) (IU) 25%
Vitamin C (mg) (mg) 0%
Calcium (mg) (mg) 30%
Iron (mg) (mg) 0%