Baby Cam 3.5 oz

This is a smaller, plumper version of our traditional Camembert. It's a perfect size for a busy cheese plate and it tastes as lovely as it looks. Subtle, earthy, creamy. Camembert.

Nutrition Facts  
Serving Size 1 oz
Servings Per Container 3
Amount Per Serving  
Calories 100
Calories from Fat 70
  Percent Daily Value (% DV)
Total Fat (g) 8(g) 12%
   Saturated Fat (g) 5(g) 25%
   Trans Fat (g) 0(g) %
Cholesterol (mg) 25(mg) 8%
Sodium (mg) 125mg) 5%
Total Carbohydrate (g) 1(g) 0%
   Dietary Fiber (g) 0(g) 0%
   Sugars (g) 0(g)
Protein (g) 4(g)
Virtamin A (IU) (IU) 10%
Vitamin C (mg) (mg) 0%
Calcium (mg) (mg) 15%
Iron (mg) (mg) 0%