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 "Chevre" is the French term for goat cheese. "Capri" is the term for the goat cheese made in America by Westfield Farm.

Westfield Farm has been handcrafting award-winning farmstead cheeses in Hubbardston, Mass., since 1971. Located on 20 acres in Central Massachusetts, the farm turns out a little over 1500 pounds of cheese per week. We are very proud of our many national awards, including Best of Show at the American Cheese Society's 1996 annual convention. While most of our cheeses are served in the country's finer restaurants or sold in specialty stores, it is hoped that this web site will allow many people without easy access to those outlets to enjoy what many consider to be the finest selection of goat cheese (as well as two new cow cheeses) in the country. Whether called Chevre, Capri, goat cheese or just plain cheese, It is all made farm fresh, by hand and with pride.

We thank you for your interest.

28 Worcester Road
Hubbardston, MA 01452

Phone 978-928-5110
Toll Free 877 777 3900

Fax 978 928 5745

USDA Plant Number 25-059

All our cheeses are made from 100% goat milk unless specifically listed as cow. They are guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition. We will replace or refund 100 percent of any payment for any unsatisfactory products. There is n $8.00 box charge per shipment, which includes the cost of an insulated box and ice packs. The cost of shipping to customers in our UPS zone 2,3 & 4 is included in the price shown. Customers outside of zone 4 are charged an additional $10.00 for Second Day UPS Delivery or $20 for Next Day. A card is included with any gift packages. Please indicate any sentiments you would like to convey in the comments section of the order form. Please note: The minimum order is $16.00 of product.