Fiery Figs 6.5 oz in sauce.

This is a new item for us in both presentation and flavor. Five ounces of fresh, cool Capri covered with an intensely piquant fig sauce made from figs, tequila and habanero peppers. The habanero, rather than masking the flavors, seems to intensify them and the tequila just brings it all together, making a perfect consistency for a great presentation. Please be warned, though: the sauce is HOT, HOT, HOT. If you don't enjoy spicy foods, this is not your dish. That said, when combined with the cool, tangy goat cheese, the sensation is exquisite.

Also please bear in mind this is a new packaging process. We are vacuum sealing the plastic bowl in a cryovac bag. It's actually easier to open than some of our logs, but you will need a pair of scissors. There is no top  to the container. Just cut the wrapping off, invert the bowl over a plate and you have an elegant presentation.

We hope you enjoy it and we'd love to hear feedback, especially regarding the heat.

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